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23 January 2008 @ 11:46 am
A celebrity's death shouldn't affect me so much. I feel like I'm going to bawl my eyes off if I ever see another post about this on ONTD again.

Gosh, it will be so fucking weird to watch The Dark Knight.
07 January 2008 @ 09:11 pm
...Um. Creepy y/n?

On another note, I've been watching How I Met Your Mother and despite of my initial bias, I've quite warmed up to it. After having watched 10 episodes back-to-back, even the cringe-worthy laugh track doesn't bother me anymore. Ted, however, immensely bothers me and probably has creepy stalker tendencies. Seriously, this whole obsessing over finding the tru wuv thing gets on my nerves but Barney more than makes up for it. 'Cause he's a ridiculous mixture of cute and lame.

Also, I'm on a school break and therefore extremely bored. LIKE, UNBELIEVABLY BORED. And I miss The Office. I'll never stop whining about this tragic fact.
27 December 2007 @ 09:59 pm
Be prepared to be bored:

-These last few days I've been collecting and watching all the costume dramas I could get my hands on because of a school project. About our deepest passions. Yeah, I know. LAME. But anyway, it's quite fun to spend so much time on something I enjoy so much. Now I've realised this is exactly the point of this project We also have to do a presentation on this the next semester which is all kinds of scary because I are suck at spelling speaking english. No, seriously. It's totally not cute or anything. It's downright ridiculous  *hides away in shame*

-I'm going to write a VERY LONG AND VERY LAME new years resolutions post when I get over my exhaustion.

-Oh, look! I love my pie boy and his girl named Chuck.

-Shopping is so much more fun when there's something else on sale.

This post was pointless y/y?
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23 December 2007 @ 02:18 am
-You're so missing out on the fun if you don't know about dietennant which is probably the single most hilarious macro community in history of the world. Especially this entry made me laugh so much that I kind of spat on my keyboard. Oh, Who fandom, you always manage to piss me off in some way but you're also the most random and wittiest fandom ever.

-Everyone please pay attention to my new Bale icon. I'm terribly fond of it because he actually pouts and looks emo and generally delicious. Oh my.

-I finally found a proper Atonement torrent but it's going to take forever to finish. I NEED TO SEE JAMES' BAD HAIRCUT DAMMIT.

-A Confession: I don't like 30 Rock. I hate that it steals the spotlight from The Office undeservedly. I hate that it's not even that funny. Characters except for a few selective ones are bland and terribly unfunny. I don't crack my shit up whilst watching. It's just overrated. But that's not to say I'm going to stop watching because I heart Jack Donaghy.

-I'm Not There is the most bizzare, complicated film I have ever seen. Cate Blanchett is just terrific and I want her talents.

-Are you still not seeing the most cracktastic show ever in universe aka Robin Hood? IT'S VERY PRETTY.

p.s Dude, how many times I said 'most' in this entry?!
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